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Terms & Conditions


Temporary staff are supplied by us on the understanding that all accounts are payable strictly within 10 days.


Staff provided by Legal Ladies are our own employees.  All salaries, income tax deductions and unemployment insurance are paid by us.


Legal Ladies will claim from their clients any amounts due to our staff in respect of public holidays, leave, sick leave as we are obliged to pay under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.


Clients engaging members or former members of our staff, whether permanently or for a limited period within 6 months after termination of a temporary assignment through Legal Ladies, must immediately notify us whereupon our normal placement fee will be charged.


Cancellation of bookings incurs a fee if not cancelled in time to prevent staff member attending


Legal Ladies reserves the right to substitute one staff member for another on temporary assignments should this be necessary


Should our staff members work overtime, an additional charge will be made.


No liability will be accepted by Legal Ladies for any loss, damage, delay or expense arising from our failure to provide staff for all or part of the period of a booking, nor for errors made by our staff whilst on a temporary assignment.