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Legal Ladies acts on behalf of clients in the recruitment and selection of all staff for the legal profession.  Any agreement or transaction entered into by yourselves and Legal Ladies will be bound by the following terms and conditions.


The prescribed fee, as set out in clause 4 below, is payable by the client and accrues immediately if the staff member so introduced by Legal Ladies, in whatsoever manner, commences employment with the client in any capacity whatsoever, not only for the position that may have initially been considered.


Should the client, as a result of an initial introduction, refer the staff member to any third party within a six month period from the initial introduction, resulting in the employment of such candidate, then the prescribed fee, as per 4. below, will be due and payable by the client.


Should the candidate be employed by the initially introduced client, within a period of six months from date of initial introduction, the client shall remain liable for payment of a full placement fee as per 4. below.






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